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  1. My system was working fairly well before. Every so often, I would have to power off router for 20 minutes, but when it came back, it was fine. Powering off for 5 minutes didn't work. I'm pass through and I am getting the same problem with both Asus and D-Link routers. Routers are both pretty new. Problem router is being given a gateway IP address of which is normally used for a LAN not a WAN. The router IP given using DHCP is in the group; currently it is I am currently on the ASUS which gives more information. The five left lights are all blue, and the WAN and LAN lights indicate good connections. Connecting to the router (right now I have the LAN set up at the range - SUBNET = - I have also tried, and - the last one gave real problems on the D-Link as it changed away and I had to reset the router) it states for the WAN status: Not Connected, but still lists the Gateway and Wan IP address as stated above. I expect to get a WAN gateway and IP address from the group allocated to Starlink (such as, or, or Not in the range, and I expect to be able to establish a route to say Using traceroute, it stops after going to the router.
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