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Local (router) is offline while Starlink (Dish) is online, impossible to connect


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Local (router) is offline while Starlink (Dish) is online when I am connected through mobile data. If i connect using wifi (Tried to factory reset like 10 times, setting everything from starting point) it says that "Starlink unplugged or rebooting" (Tried to wait even for few hours, never changes)


Dish is working, it also moves, shows latency, etc, but only when connected to Starlink account using app through mobile data. 
As soon as i connect through wifi to router, it gives same message starling unplugged or rebooting. 
When i go to account section, if i am connected to router it says "starlink is not on this account", but if i use mobile data and choose "standart" i can see data usage, manage subscription, etc. 

Tried to look for similiar issues on this forum, but failed to find, I hope i will be able to get some solution. Saddest part is when i am trying to write a ticket to support it says "An error occured". so i can't even report to support, honestly it is f....ed up and looks like i want to go for refund.

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