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How to transfer ownership or existing equipment and activate new account

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Hello, I recently purchased a property that has the Starllink internet system already installed. From what I have read the seller needs to supply me a KIT ID number, dish ID number, and termianl ID number, which I have asked for, in oreder for me to activate a new account with the existing equipment. The seller says he does not know where to locate the KIT number. I believe the terminal ID number is the same as the router number (?) so I can look at that and the dish number is apparantly on the dish mast. I am looking for information or confirmation if I am on the right path or if I am missing something. Also, help on how to aquire the KIT ID number. thank you. 

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The seller can find all of that information in the Starlink mobile app or on the Starlink support web site. Of course, they must first login with their Starlink credentials (email & password).

As it turns out, the seller must transfer the kit to you before you can use it. So, keep the lines of communication open and see if you can work that out with them.

If you can't get the seller to cooperate, you can contact Starlink Support. See the linked forum post below.


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