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Long wall mount direction

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Morning all

I need to mount my Starlink dish on an external wall. The wall faces East South East and I need my dish facing North (No option available of a North facing wall). Looking at the long wall mount online it appears to me that, like the floor mount, the main strut of the dish clips into the mount in a fixed position so the face of the dish in neutral position is perpendicular to the mount. That means that in neutral the dish would be facing East South East. Can the dish rotate approx. 115° to point North or am I wrong about the main strut clicking in and I can rotate the entire thing within the mount, so it's neutral position is already facing North, as I did with the floor mount.


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When you first install the Starlink Dishy, it doesn't matter which way it is pointed. Once connected to the Router and plugged in, the Dishy will automatically rotate into position using it's internal motoros.


Manually manipulating the dish position is not necessary. If you actually manage to do it -- and it won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination, you'll break it.

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