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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.



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I purchased Starlink and it’s been running for a month. I can’t let the family on it because there are no parental controls, no ethernet port and I have ordered the ethernet port adapter and it just doesn’t ship. So I pay for the service and it sits.

sure wish I knew I needed to order an adapter in order to use my own Router to protect my children. I would have ordered the adapter two months ago.

I just purchased a Wi-Fi extender hoping to link it to my Starlink router. There is no WPS button on the Starlink router so you can’t extend the Wi-Fi with a device. My hope was to plug my main router into the port on the wireless extender so I could start using Starlink with parental controls. Can anyone help me be able to use the starlink safely protecting my children on the web?

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Hi James


Starlink USB ethernet adapters are set to be shipped out for Dec15-21 according to starlink support.

Hope this helps - In the mean time you could run a travel router - However parental filtering maybe an issue whereby you have to run a seperate router, then a seperate AP as well.

Parental Filtering/Controls: I would instead revert to internet filtering based on the device instead of at the router for now - There is many solutions/apps available which do device end filtering.


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I just joined the forum so I didn't see your post until now.  Hopefully you've solved your issue.  If not, I'll share what I did that's worked out well.  Like you, I didn't realize that the new version didn't come with an ethernet port so I also had to order one from the Starlink shop.  I also was somewhat surprised at the lack of configuration for what they call a router.  So at first I cobbled together a system consisting of an old router that I had laying around and a Wireless Access Point.  The WAP was set up next to the Starlink modem and took the WiFi input and converted it to wired ethernet (and also changed the subnet from 192.168.1.xxx to 192.168.0.xxx which is what I had everything set up to use).  Then a short ethernet cable from the WAP to the router and I was in business.  Unfortunately, the equipment I had was rather old (the WAP was 2.4GHz only) and, with this combination I was lucky to get about 10Mbps (still a vast improvement over Viasat).  So I went to Amazon and bought the BrosTrend AC1200 Ethernet-2-WiFi Universal Wireless Adapter (which replaced the WAP) and the TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Router which replaced my old router.  With this combination I was able to usually get download speeds above 50Mbps (far more than I need) and once even saw a reading over 90Mbps.  I was looking forward to being able to eliminate the BrosTrend when my adapter arrived, hoping that would give me an additional bump in speed.  Surprise!  When it finally arrived, I hooked up and found that I was lucky to get 20Mbps.  I switched back and forth between configurations a few times and used multiple servers for the speed test but the results seemed to be consistent - far better performance using the BrosTrend with the TP-Link router than using the Starlink adapter.  If you do decide to  go something like this route, I would suggest downloading the User Guide for the router to make sure it will meet your needs (it should - it even has OpenVPN which the manual indicated would allow you to safely access your LAN from anywhere on the internet).  Good Luck

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