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Starlink Business - Static IP Question


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Hi Everyone,

I know this has been brought up in another post, but we are now in the Q2 of 2022 and StarLink has made available the Business Services. 


There website does outline the following: 

Starlink Business customers will benefit from 24/7, prioritized support and a publicly routable IPv4 address.

Publicly routable IPv4 address is a shady term it may not mean Static IP.

Is anyone in this forum already on the Business service can confirm if Static IP's are offered now? 

Would really appreciate the feedback. 




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Check out Starlink Business.

- $840/mo ( NZD ) one time hardware cost of $4,200 ( NZD )

Starlink Business


With more than double the antenna capability of Starlink, Starlink Business delivers faster internet speeds and higher throughput.


With a higher gain antenna, additional throughput allocation, and better extreme weather performance, Starlink Business helps ensure bandwidth for critical operations 24/7.


Starlink Business users can expect download speeds of 150-500 Mbps and latency of 20-40ms, enabling high throughput connectivity for offices of up to 20 users, storefronts, and demanding workloads across the globe.

With Starlink, there are no long-term contracts, no data caps, and no exclusivity requirements.

Starlink Business customers will also receive a public routable IPv4 address.


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Did you subscribe to Starlink Business? If so, I would be interested in hearing about your experience with Starlink Business.

I am moving to a location in the US where Starlink Residential and Mobile service are not available and there are no other suitable providers. I am considering signing. up for Starlink Business because I am dependent on my Internet connection for my work as a remote software developer in the cybersecurity sector.

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