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Starlink and Microsoft Teams


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We're having an issue staying connected to calls through Microsoft Teams meetings.  Everything else seems to work fine.  Wifi has good signal, YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Firestick, Iphones all seem to stay connected and work fine.  Just having a lot of dropped calls in Microsoft Teams.  Using the new model square Starlink dish and router.  Any suggestions?


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Download pingplotter, Check to see if there is any packet loss.


I'd assume there is slight packet loss across a certain route and its causing issues.


You may need to run a VPN - This will keep a stable encrypted connection whereby QoS/ingress connection is held better than the raw route.

- I would recommend submitting a support ticket to Starlink, with other users having the same issues - Engineers can review the number of reports for platform connectivity issues/errors and they will investigate ( or at least should )

If your MS teams video is run via a VPN e.g tunnel - Most likely better connectivity

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Thank you!  It is for my wife's occupation, and I believe she is connecting through a VPN, but I don't know if MS Teams is using it.  I will check on that and try the packet loss checker.  Will also submit the support ticket.  I'll report back when resolved.  This is the way. 🙂

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