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Capped upload file transfer speed?

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Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me here. 

We have the new style dishy with a ethernet adapter linking up to a ubiquiti dream machine and a 10gbe switch. We have a offsite server that we remotely backup to. 

Since switching to starlink our upload file transfer speed doesn't seem to go over 355kb/s when uploading files to the offsite server. 

We know it's related to starlink somehow as we also tried disconnecting the ethernet and hotspoting a phone to the pc and using the hotspot(which our signal isnt great here so only getting 30mbs down and 12 up) to upload to the same server and the speeds were around 3-4mb/s so like 10x faster?

Is starlink capped somehow or is there a setting in the dream machine that I'm missing causing this ? 


Thanks for any help. 

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