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Help. New Starlink lost Internet connection. No response for support ticket.

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Had Starlink installed just before Christmas worked really well for about 3 weeks then gone down with no internet, just says offline disconnected on my app have checked all connections as initial trouble shooting suggests sent In support tickets as the system recommends. But no response or contact. 

have had my installer also trying to contact support and 7 days later still no response. Am at a loss where to go with this. And feel totally let down. 
how can a company like Starlink let so many people down with such bad customer service. 

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I am also dealing with similar issue. Router appears to work, lights are on but dish does not react when i reboot system.  No response from starlink in 10+ days. I did submit a 2nd ticket. Thi king they may not have gotten the 1st one. They finally acknowledged the ticket and responded with " we are closing tbis ticket asbyou have ogher one opened"...  still paying, no service and no answers.  Super frustrated as i talked many family and friends into purchasing starlink and now wonder if i have put them in danger as rhey all live in rural areas where if your main source of communication is unreliable that could be a real problem. Not to mention it is not inexpensive investment. 

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Yep-- same story here.  Suddenly, got very slow and telling that there is a problem with the cable.  So I sent a ticket.  Later the same day, it told me that Starlink is disconnected altogether.  I tried every re-booting trick suggested and no dice.  The entire setup hasn't been moved or touched and even the weather wasn't anything more than rainy.  So I sent another ticket for the new problem (clearly worse than just a bad signal, now there's no signal at all).  Tech support quickly responded ....that I had two tickets, so they would close one of them (stupidly, they closed the more recent one).  And now five days later, still no response.  😞

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