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Best practice to incorporate a switch and mesh wifi

Steve Kennedy

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I have a home that is over 4,000 square feet. It was pre-wired with a few cat5 cables. I am currently using the Starlink adapter and have the Starlink wifi off to operate a mesh wifi. I am using one CAT5 hardwire connection to connect to a Roku device to stream TV/movies in my home theatre. I have a switch that I am not currently using but can incorporate the switch into the system. 

My current configuration: the mesh wifi hub connects to the Starlink adapter, and the Cat5 cable for the Roku connects to the "out" port on the mesh wifi hub.

Would it be better to reconfigure as follows:

Alternative connection: Connect my switch to the Starlink adapter, then connect the cat5 for the Roku to the switch, and separately connect the mesh wifi hub to the switch. That seems like a better idea, but my current system "works" and like they say, if it works, don't fix it....

For context, here is my exact hardware: (1) the wwitch that I could use is a CIsco Linksys 1500; (2) the mesh wifi is composed of two Samsung SmartThings devices, with one serving as the hub and the other is the satellite. As noted above, the cat5 for streaming is connected directly to the mesh wifi hub.

Kind regards,

Steve K.

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