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New hardware proprietary cable is a issue while roaming in a RV help with installation

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My new Starlink terminal is on its way, unfortunately the new design of the Data/Power cable has me scratching my head, I was prepared to install it using the Ethernet cable the original system used, in a way I could use a Flat Ethernet cable between the dish and router, the flat cable would run through a side door in the camper, this new system theres no available short cables I can use to install a port in the wall of the camper, the camper is brand new I don't want to drill a hole to pass the 75" cable though without a port of some sort, this will not only look bad but also affect the resale value of a $40k camper 😒 anyone find a solution for this situation? They just opened up roaming, it makes no sense not to have a way to use it and keep the camper intact. Is Starlink working on something that can be used like a connector that can be used between 2 lengths of cable? This would solve the issue allowing me to put a waterproof box somewhere on the camper I can connect the dish to and leave the router permanently connected inside. The through the wall solutions available on the website will not work in a RV only a permanent building.

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In all honesty I wouldn't be using a flat ethernet cable when there is 100w of PoE going down it at 50v+. Thats asking for issues.

- I would revise the plan, you may not get a square dishy - Enabling you to run typical PoE cable.

You could easily use a outdoor duct with seals eitherside for the cable to go through.



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