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Any information on connections for the new Dish?

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I received my Rectangular Dish, since Starlink omitted the Ethernet connection between the router and dish , are there any plans on making a short cable to go between say a RV and the outside? When the original dish was available "I couldn't get one" I had planned on installing a weather proof box on my camper with a Ethernet Keystone Jack, so it would make it easier to setup and break down the equipment, the new system makes this difficult without having to pull the cable through the camper and back out each time I want to move. The New RV system I was hoping had some sort of cable to address this, but it's the same equipment everyone gets. Is Starlink planing on making it's use in a RV more convenient?

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- You can incorporate your own cable and outside unit as mentioned - However you would have to rewire to the starlink PoE proprietary wiring.

Also take note that there is 180W of PoE power going across it, if anything an outdoor ethernet plug thats got the two twist screw ends, and the joiner in the middle would be ideal - Then your able to disconnect inside and outside easily, whilst its weather proof.

Googling " ip67 ethernet outdoor plug rj45 " came up with some decent results.


Hope this helps 🙂

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