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Where Can I Install This Thing?

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A little back story to help fit your responses, if you do respond.

I live in the absolute middle of nowhere in NW TN. Current internet provider is Frontier (hahahaha) at 3.0 down and 0.4 up.

I'm a widow. I'm old. No children to help. No way for me to safely access the roof.

Picture below shows where the Starlink dish should be set for a "GREAT" location. There are a couple other locations that the Starlink app said were GREAT, but this place already has a hole(s) in the brick, going into a spare bedroom I call the Computer Room. The acceptable distance from the house, based on the app, is about 50'.

I was thinking a ground tripod, with a 10'-20' high mast (I am 5' tall and held my phone over my head using the Starlink obstruction app)? I could hire someone to trench the cable into the ground maybe. And then I could go into the existing hole in the brick? The pics are facing north. However, I have been told on Facebook that the cable is not rated to be buried, even if placed in a PVC pipe of some sort. 

I am also having an impossible time finding anyone to hire the job out! That's why the ground mount was appealing to me. 

I sure hope you don't tell me I'm nuts because I just today put the $99 deposit down on the system. Thanks for your help.

Starlink Placement 1.jpg

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Hi @MichelleMattie

Glad to have you onboard.


- What area/region are you based in? - I'll check out our list of installers and see who's in the area for you.

- The installer can give you the best advice regarding installation and where to place it, including cabling.

Note: I'd recommend not running it near the other dishes because it could cause interference, even with the sat's off.

The higher the better 🙂


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I have found a licensed electrician who will install it. I'm in NW TN.  From reading as much as I can, I see that the provided cable might be a bit on the 'delicate' side, and that sometimes the connection to the dish works itself loose/out a bit? If I put it on the roof, I would be unable to fix that or even change the cable if needed. So, I was thinking a pole in the back yard. I just used the app again and about 30' from the house is PERFECT (according to the app). 

Thoughts on roof vs pole? (electrician says he knows how to properly bury cable encased in PVC...) 


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Roof vs Pole Starlink installations

- Concerns I have that are probably OCD:

  • lightning
  • starlink on a pole at ground level  - if security in your area is ok go for it but these days people will nab anything
  • weather - wind, exposure at higher heights.


The higher the better for less obstructions. Many mount their starlinks fairly high and on roof tops.. Might pay to ensure you have good earthing of your roof etc which helps against lightning strikes.


Glad to hear you've found an installer, feel free to get him to jump on the forum here and list up his details - Plenty of people seeking decent installers 🙂

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I ran my 150 foot cable trough PVC electrical conduit and mounted Dishy on a pole. No obstructions here but on my roof there are a few. The conduit is necessary to protect the cable from critters and where it crosses our lawn, from the lawn mower. 


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