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My Starlink Dish arrived damaged ! Who can I contact to get a replacement?

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My Starlink Dish arrived damaged.  There is a signifigant crack on one corner, which would definitely allow water incursion.  Who can I contact to resolve my problem?  I can't find a phone number or email address for customer support anywhere!


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ProDishy, thank you for your reply.  Your suggestion makes total sense.  However, I have searched the starlink.com website while logged in to my account and cannot find anywhere to submit a support ticket.  There was also nothing in the box referencing any support contact information.  I'm at a complete loss here.  I am paying for monthly service but I don't want to take the time to install the Dishy fearing that it will succumb to the elements fairly quickly.


If anyone can tell me how to submit a support ticket, I would be most grateful.


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14 hours ago, StarlinkLeader said:

Recover your account via setting up a password - firstly - https://auth.starlink.com/forgot-password

Then login here https://auth.starlink.com/


You can then submit a support ticket regarding the damaged dishy.


If you still cannot login reach out and I'll see what I can do for you.

I don’t think his problem has anything to do with signing on to the Starlink website or his account.  The problem is, CUSTOMER SERVICE links on the site, (signed in or not!) isn’t readily apparent.

Now eeaton, here is what I did as my unit arrived with a cut cable to the dish.  I went to support and there is a place on the left margin to submit a message/ask a question.  That generated a “support ticket” request.  I haven’t received a response as I have just submitted this morning.  Hope this helps. 


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Thank you GlobalFlyer!  You are correct, I am able to sign in to my account no problem.  I have tried to type a question in that field you showed, but I only get “no related topics”.  It does not open a message or ticket.


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On 6/29/2022 at 7:43 AM, frankg said:

I also has a question for support and found that by clicking on the thumbs down icon it will open a support ticket. I just sent a question for support and I'm waiting for a reply.

The thumbs down didn't work on the web based Starlink but does work with IOS Starlink app to open a trouble ticket.

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