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Incorporating Google Mesh

John Stecz

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I just received my Starlink and the Wifi seems to work fine, but since I already have a 3 node google mesh setup, does it make sense to get the ethernet adapter and incorporate it?

It appears the Starlink router wouldn't be needed at all in that case?  Meaning, I would just use the ethernet adapter and plug my main google mesh node to that?

That means, I would just leave the Starlink router in my camper with an extra cable and I could just bring the antenna along when camping.

If that is the case, it means the antenna has all the smarts and the router is really just a wifi access point?



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I would highly recommend getting an ethernet adapter.

The starlink router will remain as the primary router. The starlink router handles connectivity and signin, as well as firmware updates.

Ensure your google mesh does not replicate the same SSID as your starlink router.

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