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Can't Connect to Skylight Photo Frame

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I've tried unplugging Starlink router and Skylight photo frame several times. A troubleshooter for the latter said to go to Settings/Reset WiFi/Choose Starlink/enter password. I've tried this several times and it says "signal lost" or "aborted" every time even if it's right beside the router. It never gets to the point where I can enter a password. Does anyone else have a photo frame like that and did you get it to work? I also tried rebooting a couple of times when that option showed up. 

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Replying to people whose frames suddenly are not connected to internet. Mine did that, too! It's still not working. My sister's frame did the same thing in the same week as mine! I think there is a major glitch that affected our fames, and they are not telling us. The only solution is to do a hard re-set!? Unacceptable. They SAY it will not lose our photos, but when the photos are restored, they will be out of order.  I want to hear from Skylight about what is going on! I'm not doing this re-set until I have more answers. Has anyone done the re-set? What was your experience?

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