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Red light of death

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Hello all. 

After 6 months of mostly flawless use of my Gen 1 starlink, I woke up to no internet this morning.

Very bad timing, as for various reasons , both my adult children are working at home this week at our location.


Tried 3 soft reboots with plenty of time in between reboots.

Tried a store and resume on the dish ,and it went from about 10  degrees ( 45 deg lat.) to vertical and is now horizontal.

It ain't finding satellite's.


I have tried 3 resets with the same result. Horizontal dish with the dreaded  red light of death.

Have examined all ethernet connections, traced the cable outside for rodent damage and nothing could be found.

As of yet no reply from tech support, and I am dreading waiting 5 to 10 days response as cell service in my area sucks!

Hoping someone can point out something I've missed.

No storms or changes made prior to this issue .

Ive disconnected all devices from the internet except by cellphone

Thanks in advance!!





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