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covergae what does it mean


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Good day,


I live in Odessa, Ontario, Canada where the coverage is planned for 2023. I am nomadic #vanlife and I am currently with Telus as my main internet provider with a hotspot  4G LTE. 

My question is quite simple, before investing in 5G hotspot for 670$ which only work where cell signal reaches, based on many nomadics suggestions, I am looking into Starlink to be my main internet acces. Odessa is in dark blue area and based on your map, planned coming in 2023. IF i get Starlink, and this goes for wherever I go, not being prioritized of course, will the signal still work in those dark blue area (with likely a weaker signal) or not at all.

For me internet is very important and consistency in the signal, 10-15 Mbs is enough but at the moment with Telus, I have  a lot of foliage between my location and the cell tower causing constent interference and there are a lot of drops going between 60-.5 Mbs.... You read right .5Mbs, you can't open a web page on a computer with that... and being a vanl lifer mean that i chose that lifestyle to be mobile, and Telus won't always be there (traveling in the US for example) and Starlink is more attractive in tay way. Additionally, the initial investment is similar for both devices so, not a big difference for me.

So, to sum things up, I understand about priority based on home address, but will Starlink works on dark blue area without garantee of priority and signal strenght/speed?

Thank you for your time.

Dave Croft

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Hi Dave


In all honesty from a neutral standpoint I wouldn't be using starlink as a primary tool just yet in your internet toolbox for your van.


I would consider a peplink transit router which has two modems, and some of the transit models have 5G modems.

Heres how peplink works:

2x LTE Modems -> Running two different networks -> Piped into one connection.

You can then add starlink in, at a later point - Plug it in via ethernet to peplink ( with some extra configuration required ) then you prioritize starlink traffic over the other modems.


- You then get the best of both worlds: Peplink, nearly full 3g,4g,5g any where you go - Then when you are at a campsite etc, turn on your starlink and your not using up all your mobile data.

- Once starlink has more satellites, and you require extra bandwidth at times - Then go for the starlink addition to peplink.

- Peplink routers are expensive but worth the money - they are very very robust.

I would recommend checking out RV Mobile Internet Resource Center - They cover a lot on peplink and also starlink. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/

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