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Roger Duffell

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I have been waiting 17 months since my deposit, as patiently as possible for real access, via Starlink, to cyberspace only to feel the degradation of my dream.

My current Hughesnet satellite is virtually useless for anything other than checking email without attachments, the latency is so bad, smoke signals on a windy day would work better.

I do not even have any available cellular service or landlines for communication.

I feel like a child trying to sleep while waiting on Christmas Morning, but instead it is my dream of Musk Man Internet ! 

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Eastern North Carolina ; Franklin, NC in the Burningtown area of the Appalachian Mountains; 699 Wilds Cove Road .

I literally border the Nantahala National Forest.

The few residents up here have no options except Satellite (Viasat or Hughesnet) because we are in hole forgotten and ignored, because there is not enough of us to get anyone to care.


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