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Need solution to shed 300ft away

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I have Starlink up and running in our house.  I now want to get the internet working in a shed that is 300 feet away and no line of sight available.  I just have the Starlink router.   Looking for ideas how to get the WI FI to the shed.


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Hi @Jeff


Ubiquiti Point to point links.

You put one on the house ( outside ), one on the shed. Both facing each other.

The one in the shed, plugs into an Access point - Which then provides 2.4ghz, 5ghz WiFi.

Your starlink will plugin via ethernet ( may require adapter ) into the ethernet of the ubiquiti link on the house end.


Both ubnt ( ubiquiti ) point to point links use PoE, but only 24v PoE. They commonly include the PoE ethernet power adapter.


Check out this video from crosstalk solutions - He also has a few other videos on PtP setup.


Simple diagram of PtP


Starlink Router Ethernet -> PoE adapter, ethernet port -> UBNT PtP  house -> UBNT PtP Radio shed -> PoE adapter -> ethernet into access point.

Its a wireless bridge, most are capable of 500mbps.

Won't be effected by rain etc at small distance. You also won't need a big unit for the distance your doing.


If you have any queries feel free to reach out.



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