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Obstruction Test

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I have yet to receive my equipment but my house has a dedicated spot for a dish hookup.

With the app I went up the ladder to run a check on the app so my question is what  is an acceptable %?

When I first  scanned the sky the highest I got was 78%. If that is acceptable I need a wall mount bracket, if it is not then I will have to explore a different location.

Please advise. Thanks for any help.


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I always aim for at least 97%, as the Starlink satellites always move around, it is only at the point when the satellite your dishy is tracking, orbits behind the obstructed area, that you will experience interruptions. 

Now the Starlink app has a "guide" after the obstruction test in which it will tell you what sort of internet experience you can expect. 

Hint - if you normally have GPS off on your phone, turn it on and let it remain on for 10 minutes before running the test, it will calibrate itself more accurately to the position you are at and give a more accurate obstruction test.

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