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Linksys Hydra Pro 6e issues


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I  have had my Starlink for a couple weeks now and have had no issues with its performance. Im in San Antonio Tx. My upload and download is not as good as my previous provider but Im satisfied with it so far. If upload and download improve I will keep it. The issue Im having now is I cannot connect to the internet with a Linksys Hydra Pro 6e router. I can add it and configure it but will not give me access to the internet. I have no issues with the setup and it seems that the setup was successful but no internet. My older Linksys N routers have zero issue connecting to the internet with Starlink. I had to go back to the old routers for now. I talked to Linksys but we couldnt figure out the issue. They suggested cloning the MAC but that didnt work and I have tried an unmanaged switch with no luck. I can connect a laptop directly to the Starlink router and get internet access but not with the new wifi 6 router. Has anybody had similar issues with this type of router?

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