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Questions regarding turning our round version 1 Starlink subscription back on.

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Our original Starlink was setup and used in Albuquerque NM.  We could use the system 11 miles away (as a bird flies) at our mountain property but our VOIP phones did not work well being in a different Starlink cell (streaming and WEB browsing worked fine) .   At that time our mountain property address was on wait list.  I contacted Starlink and they were nice enough to update our Starlink to our mountain property address.  We had the system turned off at the end of last September because we could not justify paying for 10 months of service we would not use.


Fast forward to today.  The our mountain propertycell is still wait listed but the cell directly south is open.  That cells northern border is about five miles way.  Is there any advantage trying to set the service address as close to the open cell northern border as possible as opposed to anywhere in the cell (my guess is no).   Since paying extra for roaming is best effort, being one cell away (and not paying extra) would probably be no worst?   I sent a message to Starlink support four days ago asking them my best option per the discussion above but have not received a reply.  There was link on the Starlink website to turn the service off last Sept but I see no way to request the service be re-established.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

PS  I tried to see if the system would at least find the arc without an active subscription but it did not move from pointing straight up.  Is a subscription required so that the dish will find the active arc (I would have thought not)?

Regards, Ron

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