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Long time in searching mode

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I don't know what to make of this. I have read a few posts that talk about the time to get connected. Mine seems to be in "searching" mode for a long time.
I have the rectangular dish with the portability option turned on in my account.
When I first got the unit, it installed easily and fired right up. Then for some reason it just stopped working and said it was disconnected. The only thing I did was disconnect it without "Stow" first. I assumed the cable was damaged because it kept saying disconnected. I ordered a new cable. It arrived and I changed it out. Wa-la I was up and running again.
Now when I disconnect it, I "stow" it first and it has been working and re-connecting fine.
Today the unit lost power for over 12 hours. Once I restored power, I had to do a factory reset because we were back the same "disconnected" message.
Now the app just keeps saying "searching".
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