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WiFi connection handoff from main router to mesh extender


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New Starlink user here.  The main router works fine.  The mesh extender also works fine.  I see them both on the app and what is connected to each.  When I go from one end of the house to the other, my iPhone gets handed off from the main router to the mesh extender just fine.  But my mac laptop does not get handed off.  If I reboot the laptop it connects to the mesh extender just fine.


My mac runs OS Monterey 12.5 — I would like to avoid having to reboot to get connected to the mesh extender, and then have to reboot again to establish a connection to the main router when I am back in that part of the house.  Suggestions?

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Hi @Tonopah


Because the wifi network's mac address changes as you roam from one access point to another, your mac may identify the mac address change and disconnect - forcing a new search then reconnect.


However, the private address function maybe causing an issue as well.


Check out this article for more information -> https://blog.elevensoftware.com/how-mac-address-randomization-can-affect-the-wifi-experience

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