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Congestion & Slow data speeds


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Greetings all Starlink users.

" Unofficial update on congestion/slow data speeds"

Starlink terminal users maybe experiencing slow data speeds and/or congestion currently in some regions.

Starlink RV users in areas of high usage/demand will also be experiencing slow speeds.

Whilst engineers work on increasing capacity, and SpaceX is launching more satellites - Be patient, unless your terminal has been offline for longer than 24 hours - Resetting, or restarting your starlink system will not achieve higher bandwidth results or less congestion. If your terminal has been offline for longer than 24 hours, check out https://support.starlink.com for further instructions on how to get your terminal running again.

Why is there currently slow speeds?

Some regions from our research are experiencing high congestion, low connectivity due to over subscription - E.g Too many clients spread across too little satellites, spectrum bandwidth is being pushed resulting in high congestion levels.

Whilst a large number of RV dish terminals are roaming to other areas of which are already at capacity, this is pushing some regions to the limit of the spectrum available.

Whats going to solve this problem?

- Engineers with lots of coffee....
- More satellites launched to handle capacity alongside groundstations
- RV users not venturing into overcapacity areas, or using RV terminal permanently in areas or cells which are typically not available or pending registration status due to capacity. <- This is a problem I'm unsure how they will solve.

More updates to come.



Feel free to post your speedtests, outage logs and region here in this thread if you are experiencing congestion issues.

This will help further users identify if they too maybe experiencing region congestion.

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