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Ethernet to wifi connectivity

Rodney Aries

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Hi there,


We have just setup our Starlink which is giving better than expected connectivity and is available for most of the House.

We have purchased an ethernet adapter and opluuged a small tp-link switch to it in order to extend our wifi and share printer via ethernet connection.


What weve' noticed is that anything that connects via wifi cannot see the devices connected via ethernet.

Anything connected via ethernet cannot connect to the internet.


Has anyone else seen this? Scarxcthing heads, as even tried connecting a PC into the  starlink ethernet adapter directly, but still get no internet.


Kind Regards


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Not sure how helpful this is but I have a small 5-port Tp-Link switch connected to my adapter with no problems. Just plugged it in and it worked. I run three computers off the switch. The activity LEDs blink happily and I get great speed. No impact on the wifi part of the system.

You say that you're extending wifi via the switch, maybe another access point? I have read that the only way to reliably extend the wifi is with the Starlink Mesh (another Starlink router unit). Someone also said it could affect the main wifi. Not sure I understood your comment correctly.


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