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'Best Effort' Tier

Roger Duffell

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I am curious how speeds/priority for all these tiers will pan out.

1st Residential - 2nd 'Best Effort' Tier - 3rd RV ???

I know there is some scrambling being done to figure it all out, and I feel for those people.

There should be a mapping system somewhere that shows addresses without any Landline, Cellular or high speed internet access that Starlink could use to prioritize service to those who truly need it.

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I believe that Starlink was designed for outer rural customers in mind however a lot of mid-city users have signed up and its greyed the waters.

My opinion on this is not official nor endorsed, however from what I can see congestion is caused by a number of unforseen factors - Resulting in congestion and other issues for users.

Hopefully with more satellites and ground stations there will be less congestion.


Thanks for your input @Roger Duffell

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