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Cable issue

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Has anyone had any issues with buried (in PVC) connect?

Background: I set it up 1 month ago. It worked fine. During installation the line got cut. I ordered a replacement long cable. Set it up, it worked fine. I buried the cable and used a pole mount. It was working fine. Bad storm came through that night. It stopped. Went to "Offline" status. Submitted a ticket, they said they find something wrong with my dish and would send me a replacement. Replacement would not work with the already installed cable. Ran new cable laying on ground. It worked, but app said the dish had motor issues. Used old dish, and it worked with no issues. Worked fine for a week. Decided to change out the under ground line. Installed new line, everything worked fine (1 hour). Went to setup a new router using the network adapter, did a factory reset and it didn't connect. Disconnect the network adapter, did another factory reset, now it says it is "Offline" and won't work. I know it's not the cable because it was working fine. The only thing that changed was doing a factory reset. Please help, this is extremely frustrating

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From the last time I removed/replaced the cable, the cable was slightly damp. I do have new sod, so I have sprinklers going pretty often. I'm not sure how that would be any different than when I had it laying in the grass before I put it in the ground.

The last cable I took out, I cut it open in several areas to look at the cable. Internally, everything was intact. I'm not sure how the cable would get grounded if it is intact. 

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