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How to move rectangular dish to another mount

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I have my rectangular dish mounted on the roof peak near the edge.  I'm using the four footed mount that comes with the dish and have it secured with bailing wire to the roof so it doesn't move/blow over.  I've ordered a Starlink Short Wall Mount and will permanently attach it to the roof overhang at the peak, about a foot away from its current temporary location.  How do I go about doing this so it'll "find the satellites" after I slightly relocate the dish?  Depending upon the keying on the Short Wall Mount, I may have to rotate the dish to its new mount.

Should I "stow" the dish and power everything down?  Aftr I re-mount it, what do I need to do to have the dish home in on the same location ?  It currently works very well in it's location and I'm only moving it about a foot to a permanent mount.

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Can't seem to edit my post.  I contacted Starlink support and yes, the correct way to move the dish is to "stow" it and power it down.  That protects the motors according to Starlink support.  I moved the dish to its permanent mount and powered it up.  The dish pointed straight up, rotated and homed in on the satellites after applying power.

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