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How many dishes do I need?


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Hi there! I'm trying to track down whether or not this setup will work with Starlink at a farm. The main dish would be on one of the barns (There is a TV in there with Netflix and streaming TV...but not used all the time).....and then an underground cable will go from that barn to a second barn (200 feet north of the main barn....mostly just for security cameras). The other cable will go underground to the house (200 feet south of the main barn....for streaming TV and video conferencing). Can anyone tell me if this will work? I appreciate any feedback you can give me!


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Hi MelissaWelcome to the Starlink Forum. 1 - Get starlink dish installed on a central point location - e.g main barn. 2 - Link internet to other barns via PtP ( Point to Point Link ) or Point to multi point link.3 - Setup Wireless access point on end of PtP link in each barn or location you want internet at. 4 - You then have multiple areas connected. Point to multi point: Starlink Internet Router Barn #1 -> PtMP 5GHZ AP - Barn #1 -> 5GHZ CPE @ Barn #2Barn #3 CPE also can connect into PtMP 5GHZ AP and so on and so forth.. ( Line of sight required )Point to point hip hop: Starlink Internet Router Barn #1 -> PtP 5GHZ Barn #1 Roof -> Barn #2 Roof 5GHZ CPE -> Network Switch with AP for inside -> 2nd PtP 5GHZ on roof of barn #2 points to barn #3 -> Barn#3 CPE 5GHZ then plugs into Access point. ubiquiti sells PtMP and CPE's - I highly recommend watching some Youtube channels such as CrossTalk Solutions ->


CPE - Customer provided equipment - its the customer end so to speak that picks up the PtMP AP signal. The units majority use 5ghz+ and creates what you call an invisible ethernet cable between two or more locations. Even better try to get a local WISP in your area to set you up :)


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