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Best setup for off grid log cabin in the mountains

Gary Algier

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My daughter has a log cabin in the Adirondacks.  Currently the best she can do is Verizon ADSL at about 2Mbps.   The only faster solutions would need to be a satellite solution.   There is no terrestrial wired or wireless solution (no, Verizon Wireless is NOT everywhere).   Starlink seems to be the best solution, but I we are trying to figure out if Starlink will work BEFORE we buy it.  And is it worth the additional cost (Hughes is $60/month)?

I can't find anything on the main Starlink site to help me in the planning of the placement of the equipment.  That sites seems to be only useful for ordering.  I can't even find any place to ask pre-sales questions.

Assuming we attach it to the main cabin, how do we know what side to put it on?   Does it need a clear view in all directions or predominately towards the equator or where?   The cabin is against the woods on a hillside.   We obviously can't aim through the forest nor the mountain.   We would like to do some planning before we purchase.   The App won't do us any good without being there.

The cabin is also off grid.   It has Solar panels and batteries which power everything well so far but should we be concerned about the amount of power needed to keep the Starlink equipment working, especially in the winter when it might need to melt show and ice from the antenna.

I am also concerned about what seems to be a special cable between the router and the antenna.   Will only their cable work?  Can I use my own cable?   I am concerned about getting the cable through the log walls, etc.  Also the length choices seem to only be short and long, nothing in between.



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