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Starlink in hurricanes


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We are well away  from the path Ian took across Florida,  at its closest approach it was maybe 80 miles away. I dont think wind speed here exceeded 50.   Pleased to see my installer secured the dish to the tower very well, its still up there.  Through a day and half of rain, never lost service. Power sometimes flickered on and off but I have everything on battery backup.  Was surprised this AM to check the system status in the app and it said I had no outages over the last 12 hours.  Speeds are as they usually are for this time of day, sub 50 mbs

Was wondering how the ground station fared in Punta Gorda.  Located it on GE and it was 5 miles from the path of Ian 7pm when Ian had 125 mph winds.   Anyone know how bad it got hit or if it survived intact?

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