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Starlink obstructions after several days

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We have Starlink Best Offer service for 3 days after a very long wait.  It has shown no obstructions until tonight.  It is mounted on a small roof over a rear entrance to the house. North and east have no obstructions. To the south is the 2nd floor of the house and chimney which Starlink does not show any obstructions there either. However, to the west there is a tree which was not a problem for 3 days . I noticed the speed has slowed down a bit so I looked on the app and it showed red obstructions to the NW which would be where the tree is located.  The dish does not appear to have moved and is still about 45 degrees to the NE.  Checking the app again shows less red obstruction(says every 13 minutes obstructed) and the tree and everything else is unchanged.  No storms or anything noticeable in the sky so I am uncertain how I can correct the problem. Rotation of the earth, different satellite that we are using or ? Any Help appreciated.  The service is still great but just want to correct/remedy any problems I can.

I just want to say that we are so grateful for this service from Starlink. We are rural and in 38 years of marriage we had dial up for quite few years then Starband and for the last 4 or 5 years Verizon DSL.  Verizon DSL in the evening would be about .16 to .18 Mbps.  At 4AM it was 2.3 Mbps until about 5AM and dropped to just a little bit over 1.  Dial up was horrible as was Starband. 

Thank you for your time and again a special thanks to Starlink and Mr. Musk.



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Starlink's satellites are not stationary. The are constantly moving across the sky. You Dishy (antenna) monitors satellites in it's "field of view" looking for those with the best signal and speed. If you want to see a graphical representation of how this works, check out the Starlink Coverage Tracker. Once you pull it up, follow the on-screen instructions to select your location and then watch what is going on for a few minutes. Fascinating!

So, in short, that tree to the west is problematic. Starlink satellites tend to move from northwest to southeast or from southwest to northeast across the sky. Having a blockage to the west means Dishy can't see incoming satellites until they "emerge" from behind the tree.

Any chance you can move the antenna up to the second story roof? Would that give a clearer view of the sky?

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