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Starlink in live broadcasting

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When we use Starlink at home, it is one thing. When we use it while traveling, that's another thing. Both of these use cases are probably the most common for now. But I started seeing many different use cases. One of them was the recent funeral gathering of Queen Elizabeth. The place was packed, so you wouldn't have reliable internet bandwidth, given that everyone has a cell phone. And then live trucks were not permitted for security reasons. So what France Televisions did was go live with the internet provided by Starlink. The outcome was flawless, as they say. 

Here is the story if you want to learn more on that: https://hubs.li/Q01pcSk30  I'm sure this type of usage will become helpful for other broadcasters. I mean, when you have solid bandwidth, the possibilities look endless, in my humble opinion.

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Take note that you cannot use a general starlink terminal for broadcasting - The sat handover time and amount of RF bands made available on general consumer starlink terminals is not ideal for broadcasting.


However, business starlink terminals are great for broadcasting - But the cost is huge. You get promised reliable bandwidth and latency - zero issues on handover.


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