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moving dish from RV TO TOW VEHICLE.ing a camp site and place in tow vehicle. I s it just


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Can you have Starlink on the roof of your RV, yes i know this. But if you want it in your transport towing vehicle when not stationary what other components do I need? I will remove dish from RV if leaving a camp site and place in tow vehicle. IS it just a case of having another router in the vehicle, a 12v supply and what cables?


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See "Does Starlink for RVs or Portability allow for in-motion use?" question on the Support Topic PORTABILITY & RV.

There are specific limitations on how you mount your Starlink antenna in the moving vehicle... well, and on your RV as well.

Be careful not to "void the limited warranty of your Starlink." as noted in the answer to the above question.

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