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Starlink FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Antenna Direct Perth

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Hi All.  

I've written a blog on some frequently asked questions about Starlink, in the future I'll be adding some performance data regarding joined or repaired cables, interference tests, and sustained power consumption logging under all different conditions, I'll post updates everytime a new test is done on the page and here


One common uncertainly was whether Starlink dishes interfere with FTA TV reception where I've done a few tests so far which turned out quite interesting and more to come.

Another is the longevity of the cable plug end under severe conditions, e.g right on the coast with extreme winds carrying salt spray, whether the connector seal will or won't keep out 100% of the salt spray over a prolonged period.  The deep recessed plug into the Gen 2 dishys pole is a good design but the seal doesn't quite inspire confidence.

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