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No email received, cannot access account but billing works flawlessly

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When signing up for Starlink I must have misspelt my email address and perhaps used a landline number.

Starlink arrived with no supporting account info, I installed it and it works well and payment goes through each month but I cannot get into my account and there is no response from Starlink to emails or phone calls.

If I follow the Locked Out options to access the account I'm stuck as by recovery by:

1. email does not work (presumably because I spelt the email address incorrectly)

2. phone does not work as a landline in Australia does not accept SMS

3. by alternate email does not work as it wants an account number which I never received.

Contacting Starlink by email results in no response and phoning them requires me to know the phone number I used with a rersponse time of 48 to 72 hours BUT ONLY if Starlink can find a valid account. I do however have a screenshot of the original order confirmation.

For a subsidiary of a company that puts rockets into space I cannot believe the incredibly bad support offered!

I think I will stop the monthly payment and see if that finally generates some contact.

Looking at other posts suggests that there are a lot of us who cannot access our account or get any service.

Has anyone got a great fix???



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