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Offline have to unplug and replug to reset

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We have had our Starlink for about 6 months and to abut 4 months it worked flawlessly. About 2 months ago it would go offline for seeming no reason (weather, power outages). He only way to get the system to come back online is to unplug and plug back in the Starlink. It usually happened overnight and once reset it was fine for the day. Then one time it happened and it wouldn’t come back online so I sent in a ticket and it came back online about 6 hours later and then they responded to the ticket and said everything seems fine. Now this is happening frequently and throughout the day. It always seems to come back online after the unplug and replug process so not a huge deal just a inconvenience (the Starlink is in the attic). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  
Thank you!

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YIKES! I have heard reports of the Starlink Router/Antenna going offline for some reason and then needing to have the power cycled to reset it, but not this frequently.

Question: Do you have your router plugged directly into a wall outlet?

I use a dedicated UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or battery backup for each piece of computing and networking equipment. I use the Tripp Lite 350VA which retails for about $60. This has proven to be a good investment. Power-related failures are one of the most frequent causes of device instability and/or failure. 

If for some reason, the power to your location has become "unstable", your Starlink Router could be responding to power outages or even power "brown-outs" (i.e., low voltage without an actual power failure) by "losing it's mind" and then requiring a reset.

Just an idea. I may be totally missing the boat here.

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