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What is PSN? Can't update credit card info without PSN. What is it?


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I'm trying to update my credit card information in the Billing section. Unfortunately, I'm unable to accomplish this task because the PSN is REQUIRED. I have no idea what it is. Can anyone help me?

BTW: I'm thinking its a serial number or something similar. If this is the case, I've not yet received my Starlink Installation Package and Equipment. Is there some other way to update the credit card information.

Again, please help.

Thank you,

Joe Tinnerello

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Thank you for researching this for me. I made a mistake. It's not PSN. Instead, it's PCN. It's the field below the MM - YYYY - CVV fields. 

Below is a print screen image.

And I'm not in the US. I'm American, but the order is placed to install in the Philippines. 

Again, thank you for taking interest in helping me figure this out.

Joe T


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I have come across exactly the same issue...trying to pre-order for the Philippines.... As far as I can tell PCN stands for Provider Card Network...which should be Visa or Mastercard...no doubt there is a specific code but I would have thought this should be handled by the merchant site (Starlink)....anyway I cannot progress unless someone at Starlink answers the OP's question!

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