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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

My Church Needs Your Help!

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Hey Everyone,I am a Pastor at First Baptist Church in San Bernardino, CA. Our campus was built in the 60's and as such when internet and cable were being run to the surrounding neighborhoods, our property was excluded from the installation and upgrade plans. We have NO high speed internet options and have been using 3 mobile hotspots across our facility for internet. Spectrum, Verizon, and AT&T have all said that the infrastructure costs to get an RJ11 cable to our building is $24,000. Well as you can imagine, we do not have the funds to make that happen. So I have signed up for Starlink hoping that might be a cost effective solution for our problem. Here is the real issue. We want to live stream our service on Sundays but the 5G hotspots are extremely unreliable. Download speeds are not the issue. The hotspots are great for that. We need a consistent upload speed of around 10mbps to LiveStream. We can speedtest the system and get from 2mbps - 23mbps upload speeds but the dropouts are horrendous and our stream either just stops or becomes unintelligible. Before you ask, we have tried several different hotspots and configurations, including tethering, 4g instead of 5g, 3 different carriers, and bonding using USB dongle setups. None have worked in a reliable manner.My question is this. Is there anyone in the SoCal area that has Starlink that would be willing to come to our campus and let me test the Live Streaming capabilities and feasibility of the system? Thank you for reading!Pastor JJAssociate Pastor - First Baptist Church San Bernardino .


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Sorry I can't help your tests I am in Washington. Also Sorry no one has at least responded with their experiences. The only think I can add is that the upload speed seems adequate for video streaming but is marginal IMO. I would want at least a reliable 20+MB upload for something as important an streaming your service.I get an average I get between 9MB and 21mb upload.Still, that may be faster than your other options.Good Luck!


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Hello Pastor,

Hope you were able to solve your streaming issues with Starlink.

We also have limited availability to high speed internet.

Like you, we have tried cellular, although this option worked, it was too limited due to data caps.

We currently have DSL @ 30 down and 3 up. Although this is a solid platform, 3 Mb's up is hardly adequate for streaming at or near 1080p.

I have recommended we also look into the Starlink option. I have it available at my home, and it appears to be getting faster with each passing month. Averaging 155 down and 17 up.


Here are a few recommendations you may find beneficial.

  • Live stream with Box Cast (https://www.boxcast.com/)   This will allow you to stream to a single service, then they will rebroadcast to almost any social media outlet.  Facebook, YouTube, to name a few.  We have used this service for almost two years, and it's impressive, with only 3 Mbp we can achieve 1080p streaming.
  • Use a router that supports Dual Wan. With this feature, you can combine two ISP providers to increase throughput (Load Balancing), or have it set as a (Fail over) for backup if the primary goes down.


Here's a link to our YouTube videos for review           https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6wAIZmPVn1keTD4rkEm1tQ


New Faith Community Church




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