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New StarLink'er.. Some Great, Some Bad...

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Just plugged in my StarLink...  The phone app said it wasn't the best location, but I planted it anyways..

Whereas my ATT UVerse was around 14-16Mbps, I am seeing 72Mbps with StarLink..  So, right off the bat, I am a happy camper..

But I am seeing some downsides here...

For one, strictly aesthetically speaking, I am seeing no indicator lights on the StarLink router..  There are the concentric circles on the StarLink router and it looks like there are 3 LEDs that LOOK like they should be lit..  But they are dark..

But a bigger issue is the lack of an Ethernet port... I am an old-school PC'er and no self-respecting PC geek would rely on a WiFi connection.. Hard-wire is faster, safer and more reliable...

Having said that, I must acknowledge the strides of WiFi technology in the last couple decades...  Will I sacrifice speed if I get the Ethernet Adapter??  I read that one must disable all WiFi capabilities on the StarLink router if you hook in an Ethernet port?  Is this true??  Which means I would have to route all devices thru my dumb hub which will likely degrade my speeds for those other devices..

So, I am in a bit o' quandary and was hoping for some guidance from the community..

Thanx in advance for any hints, tips and/or suggestions..



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No, the 3 lights on the front of the router are not normally lit.  Only the tiny recessed light on the bottom of the router illuminates to indicate the power is on.

I haven't found any noticeable speed decrease using the ethernet adapter.

The Starlink wifi router continues to operate normally when using the etherner adapter.  You may be thinking of when you put the Starlink router in bypass mode to use a third party wifi router.  In that case the Starlink router wouldn't provide a wifi signal, but both the eternet adapter and the third part router should work normally.

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