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Can't access certain sites via iOS and Android apps.

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I'm unable to access UPS or FedEx (and a few others)  through my Starlink connection using their iOS or Android apps. I can, however, get to their web sites using a browser.

Switching to either cellular or my other broadband network (AT&T ADSL), the apps connect just fine to these sites.

I've had an open case with support for 5 days now without any response.

Anyone else had/having this type of issue?



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Glad you got this resolved. Not sure what to tell you except that these things happen sometimes.

I have seen similar symptoms with a particular MacBook laptop.

  1. The WiFi and Internet connection are working flawlessly for other devices on the network -- including a Mac Mini running the same version of macOS. 
  2. The MacBook appears to be connected to WiFi and the Internet.
  3. Some web sites will not respond in the (any) browser. I get an error of one ilk or another.
  4. Rebooting the Router may or may not fix the issue.
  5. Shutting Down and then powering up the MacBook (not just a Restart) seems to be the only certain remedy.

Sometime, the situation is even more unusual with the MacBook's WiFI connection having no IP address -- not even a 169.254.x.x self-generated IPv4 address. Shutting the WiFI off and turning it back on doesn't help. Even switching rom WiFi to wired Ethernet doesn't help.

I haven't figure out for certain whether this is an issue with the Macbook -- hardware, macOS, or third-party networking software. However, your post here makes me think that the Starlink connection might be the ultimate culprit here.

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