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Starlink Service Price Changes

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From Starlink <no-reply@starlink.com>:

The Starlink monthly service for residential customers is changing as follows:
  • $10 increase in areas with limited capacity. New price will be $120/month.  
  • $20 decrease in areas with excess capacity. New price will be $90/month.
As a current customer in an area with limited capacity, your monthly service price will increase to $120/month beginning April 24, 2023. For new customers in your area, the price increase is effective immediately.
If you do not wish to continue service, you can cancel at any time on your account page. Your Starlink hardware can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase, or a partial refund of $250 within 12 months of purchase.
As the SpaceX team launches more satellites to increase capacity, the Starlink team is making continuous network updates to improve performance over time. Thanks for being a customer and for your continued support of Starlink!
Space Exploration Technologies Corp | 1 Rocket Road, Hawthorne, CA 90250 |

This showed up in my inbox yesterday.

So, for those who reside in an area with limited capacity -- and who likely have issues with their Starlink service from time to time particularly during the evening hours -- Starlink is increasing the subscription price by $10/month!

For those who live in an area with excess capacity -- and who likely have fewer issues with their service -- Starlink is decreasing the subscription price by $20/month.

I'm having trouble with the logic behind this decision. Is this a "support tax" on customers in areas with limited capacity since they are perhaps more likely to contact support?

Has anyone else seen this?

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