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Starlink Gen 1 no longer works with EdgeRouter Pro

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I was running Starlink Gen1 with EdgeRouter Pro for the past year and everything was working fine until a few weeks ago when the EdgeRouter suddenly stopped detecting Starlink. The Eth2 port is "down" and the light on the ethernet adapter that is connected to the router is off (one connected to the dish remained on). I connected the original Starlink router and it's up and running again but I don't want to be running two routers.

-I didn't make any changes to the Edge router's software and it doesn't have automatic updates enabled.

-The Eth2 port is working with other devices.

-I tried another port on the EdgeRouter but it still shows that the link is down.

-The dish is connected to the Starlink router and to EdgeRouter pro and the Eth2 port is up. So it looks like it needs the original router to be detected by Edge Pro.

-Checked different cables to make sure it's not an issue with the connector or cables, and all seem good.

Did anything change with Starlink updates that would cause problems with 3rd party routers, any suggestions on what could cause the Edge Pro not to recognise Starlink without the included router?

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There are variables here that may be outside the experience of Starlink users on this Forum including the Gen1 Starlink Kit and the EdgeRouter Pro. Nonetheless...

Have you rebooted the Starlink router and antenna? Networking equipment of all kinds can get "wonky" sometimes for unknown reasons. Generally speaking, disconnecting everything, powering every device off, restarting and then -- afterwards -- reconnecting everything will sometimes remedy these issues.

I know that the Gen2 Starlink Kit can take quite some time to download a software update and then reboot. It seems that sometimes it starts this process right after being powered off and then turned back on. I can't say why. The Gen1 Starlink kit may or may not do the same thing.

I'm sorry to say that I don't know anything about the Gen1 Starlink Kit or the EdgeRouter Pro. Maybe someone else here can help.


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