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Low voltage on Starlink?

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I'm in rural area where the local state utilities company is corrupt and incompetent. It's fairly frequent that our power voltage dips to 180volts, instead of the 220volts its supposed to be. Would this damage the Starlink unit?

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In short, yes. Low-voltage current -- a.k.a, a "brown-out" -- can cause a great deal of damage to any digital electronic devices such as your Starlink Kit, laptop and desktop computers, flat panel TVs, etc.

My suggestion would be to use a high-quality, 230 VAC UPS (i.e., battery backup) that produces sine-wave output to the device. Generally, you don't get 230 VAC support OR sine-wave output in consumer-grade UPS devices. A sine-wave device is important here, because it will consume the fluctuating power input from the grid, clean it up, use it to charge the battery and then the connected device(s) ALWAYS run on conditioned, clean sine-wave power provided by the device's battery. 

CyberPower's UPS Smart App Sinewave line has models in the $700-1600 USD price range that run on 230 VAC - 15A and might provide what you are looking for. I'm sure other manufacturers -- APC, et al -- provide similar units.



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