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Starlink Mesh WiF HELP!


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Have just got Starlink and I am having a nightmare trying to set up a Mesh Network on the back of it.
I have followed the instructions, by enabling bypass etc and have tried both the below systems with the same outcome....the Mesh Network only connects to a single device (i.e. the phone I am setting up on the App) any other device connects to the WiFi network but with no Internet Connection.
  • TP-Link Deco
  • ASUS ZenWiFi XT9 AX7800
I opted for these as they were WiFi 6 and read that the Starlink is only WiFi 5?
Hoping it's a simple fix.....does anyone has any ideas?
Thanks in advance! 
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There are numerous things that could  be the issue here. Having more detail on how your Starlink kit and mesh router are configured might help narrow down the potential issue.

In the meantime, have you setup the Starlink kit without bypassing the router, then connected at least two devices to ensure that you are getting Internet connectivity in a typical Starlink setup? If not, I suggest trying that to ensure that all is well with the Starlink connection first.

Then, on "...the phone I am setting up on the App...", be sure that you have cellular data disabled when setting up your mesh router. If not, the Internet access you are reporting may actually be coming from your cellular provider, not from the mesh router network.

Hope that helps a bit. Maybe with more information we can dig deeper.

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