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Unable to Log Into my Account With the New Android Starlink App

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I just updated the Starlink app on my Android phone.  When I go to Settings it says that I  "must be logged in with the account associated with this router"

I cannot find a log in page.   When I  tap the head symbol on the top right hand corner of the the main page it says  Unable to Load Account Information.


This app was working before the update as I was able to turn off the heater but now I cannot get the settings to work .   How do I log into my account on the new app ? 

Sorry but I rarely use smart phone apps as I find them very complicated and obtuse. I am more of a pc guy lol



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  1. Try clearing the app from memory and restarting. Try logging in with the User ("head") icon...
  2. Power you phone off and back on. Try logging in...

Mobile apps aren't so much complicated as they are using navigation and data entry paradigms that are popular in the mobile app world. Those are tend to be different than PC apps.

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