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Purchased used starlink

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I purchased the rv starlink brand new in the box never used. When I went to setup the monthly service it said "device already assigned " even though the original owner never opened the box. Now I can't get ahold of him . Router info:

Model # UTR-211

P/N 34600000-510/A

S/N WAWC00407473

dish info: 


P/N 32490000-513/A

I'd like to start the monthly service asap. Please let me know what I can do.

David ibrahim 

Phone :

1 619-519-1325 

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Rhe original owner must transfer the Starlink kit to you through Starlink Support. The procedure is well documented in the Starlink Support pages, https://support.Starlink.com

If the original owner is not available, your best bet is to send an email to starlinkresolutions@spaces.com. Include as many details as possible…, and then wait patiently. Support had been taking up to a week — and sometimes more — to respond to requests…

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Did you have any luck with this issue? I have the same problem. Or is there any way to see what account the Starlink is linked to? If I can find that out then I should be able to solve my problem.

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I sold one of my starlink to a friend last month. There were 2 things that i had to do:

1. Cancel the ongoing service
2. Transfer the starlink kit itself (so it would no longer be registered in my account)

Both are in the starlink account menu.

I would imagine the problem is there's no way to immediately know that a starlink unit is still bound or not during transaction

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