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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

replacing 4G router with Starlink

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I am Scottish and I live in the countryside in France. I have an existing 4G router with a single ethernet port. I use the wifi close to the router. The house has very thick stone walls internally. I wired it with Cat5 to take the internet to ports in other rooms. The LAN output from the router is cabled to a powered 8 port switch which distributes to the rooms with LAN sockets. Everything works fine. Except, the wifi signal here is awful. The signal is 2 Mbps at best and is often 0-0.2 Mbps. We may never get fibre despite what the government says. Starlink looks like the way to go.

I have looked on the Starlink websites and other sources and I can't find definitive answers. A round dish with an ethernet port is mentioned in the Starlink website but I can't find it specified in the shop. I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me or point me in the right direction. I have some questions:


1) Is there actually a starlink router with an ethernet port and wifi both of which will work at the same time?

2) If there is how do I specify it when I order?

3) Will this system simply replace my existing 4G router?

5) If I can buy all the correct bits how do I set it up to do what I want?

I'm sorry if this is a long post but I'm finding the published information confusing.


Thank you for any guidance you can offer me.

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The standard Starlink Residential Kit consists of the rectangular satellite receiver (aka "Dishy"), a router and a 75' connecting cable. The router itself does not have an ethernet port. The older, round satellite receiver has been discontinued.

The Starlink store does offer an Ethernet port for about $25.00USD. This Ethernet port goes inline between the antenna and the router. Basically, the cable from the antenna plugs into the Ethernet port and a cable comes out of the Ethernet port that is plugged into the router.  Traffic on the Ethernet port goes directly to the Internet and is NOT processed by the router.

Some customers install the Ethernet port, connect a third-party router to the Ethernet port and then put the Starlink router in "bypass" mode. This disables the Starlink WiFi network and let's the third party router handle ALL traffic -- WiFi, Wired, etc. It sounds to me that this is the most likely scenario for you.


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Thank you Ricochet for your response which has clarified the round dish confusion.

However, I obviously don't understand the fundamentals of Starlink. If the ethernet port is between the dish and the router what does the starlink router do with the transmission data.?

Effectively my house is split in three by two one metre thick granite walls. No witreless signals pass through these barriers

I want to use the Starlink router to create a wireless connection point on the first section where the dish will be located on the gable end wall.

There is an ethernet cable which is running through the first wall. At the end of that cable is an 8-port powered hub. I want to connect a seperate wireless router  to a port on that switch to serve the middle bit of the house.

I there is then a cable from the 8-port hub which goes into my workshop in the third part.

Does this look feasible?

Is there anywhere I could find line drawings of existing setups in different configurations?

Thank you again for your support, it is greatly appreciated.

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